Myn’s Deets: How much did I earn from my Fives & Fifties?

As I mentioned in my last post, here’s a round-up of how well I did in the Fives & Fifties game for the second half of 2015:


Somehow, the numbers tallied up (and the stars aligned) into a very neat grand total of $1,000! (No, I didn’t tweak or round up the numbers to make it that way haha)

As you can probably tell, there’s no real “average” savings amount per month as it’s all down to luck and chance – but that’s exactly what makes the game more fun! Some months you get more, some months you don’t.

I play the game in Expert mode so I choose to keep my fifty dollar notes too. And the numbers do show that the odds aren’t that ridiculous; if you’re afraid that every $100 bill you break will give you a $50 (and effectively force you to save 50% of all your money) – that’s really unlikely. I’ve played the game for maybe… 2 years? And a $50 is still not a common occurrence. My partner jokes that $50 notes are getting rarer because this game has taken most of them out of circulation 😛

Just looking at the table, the Fives & Fifties game alone helps me save an extra $100-$250 a month. That’s pretty darn good, seeing as I don’t even realize it’s happening. It’s only the odd $5 here and there, maybe a week or two later a $50 (if I get lucky). For a game that doesn’t require much discipline at all, I’m looking at an estimated $2,000 per year in savings awyissss.

So watchu waiting for buddy?



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