Fives & Fifties: February’s Catch

Quick update regarding the Pages:
I’ve finally updated the Your Money, Brunei – Editorial & Opinion, Home, etc. sections along the top menu. The intention is to slot in links to all related posts just so my notes are more organized and quicker to navigate without needing to click the “Older Posts” button at the bottom. Eventually I’ll come up with a proper archiving/sorting page or mechanism (cos I’m pedantic that way) – but we’ll work with what we got for now. I removed the Your Career section in the mean time because I don’t feel like writing about how to build an effective CV yet haha.

To keep tabs on my progress in the Five & Fifties game, I’ll be posting my monthly catch on the 5th of every new month.


WELL look at what February managed to rake in!

Yes and that’s my Yakult and that’s my coffee.

Maybe it’s the leap year luck, but I managed to pick up three fifties and twenty fives in the last month, which brings February’s total to a whopping $250!

Okay, here’s where I admit I “cheat” sometimes. Well it’s not cheating per se, but I try to make luck lean my way a little bit more than it naturally would. Since starting this game way over a year ago (maybe even two years ago), I’ve come to legitimately enjoy acquiring $5 and $50 notes in change… So sometimes when I pay for something small with a hundred dollars, I’ll wait expectantly at the cashier hoping, hoping she’ll hand me back a fifty dollar note 😀

I’m usually more eager for this to happen when I’ve withdrawn a fresh batch of food money from the ATM and can “afford” to have fifty bucks taken away from my spending stash. But when my monthly funds are running dry, I cross my fingers and pray to get ten dollar notes in change instead.

Another way I try to up my chances is I’ll deliberately pay for a $5.50 item with $10.50 in order to secure a solid five bucks back. And if that doesn’t give me a green note, getting five single dollars back is a plus too because that means I have more spending money haha.

I haven’t been posting as regularly cos of the low oil price. LUL just kidding.

But it’s morbidly amusing how that’s a pretty convenient reason for practically anything nowadays. (Bila kawin? Ntah, tunggu harga minyak naik.)

I shall aim to get a note up within the next day or two… Either a sunday story or something personal financey. Or maybe I’ll finally get round to telling you about my pets or writing something home related. I’m not sure yet. All I know is I’m going to drink the rest of my little Yakult and sip on my It’s a Grind coffee and try not to nap on this wonderfully windy and overcast afternoon.


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