Still alive! Longest gap ever between posts, but I had a quick weekend holiday last week (and my flight back Sunday night was cancelled/delayed until the following day so I had to miss work Monday morning -_-) and when I got back to the office, I had a whole bunch of things doled out onto my plate.

So along with my holiday came quite a bit of shopping. Ewpsie. But I don’t feel bad about it, even if I did spend quite a bit (heh), because I’d planned to shop anyway. The last time I shopped was LITERALLY six months ago when I was in KL in November. Between then and now, I’d only bought a single jar of mineral make-up (kirim from a friend who went to Singapore) and kain to send to the tailor for some work and raya baju kurung. That’s it! No tops, bottoms, bags, shoes, nossing. Before November I’d shopped on my eurotrip a little bit but that was in August, Septemberish.

My point is I haven’t shopped in forever and I totally don’t feel bad at all for any of the stuff I bought last week, even if I completely blew my May budget out of the water. Ya ok that’s all for now, it’s 9.14pm, I just watched the third episode of Game of Thrones (NAAA NAAA NANANAAA NAAA NANANA~) and I actually have some work to do before I go to bed.



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