Fives & Fifties: April’s Catch

Better late than never for April’s Five & Fifties update! I’d actually typed something up earlier but hadn’t got the chance to post it.

Hello from 30,000 feet in the air! (I think.) I’m writing this on the Notes section of my airplane-moded phone because I’m bored out of my mind; I’m on a flight to Singapore and for some reason this 1hr 45min journey is taking its sweet time. And well, it’s the 5th of May andd…

flying fish

I did surprisingly well 😀 I honestly hadn’t even realised how many fishies I’d acquired until I checked a minute ago. It helps that I have two cash slots in my purse so as soon as I get a green note I’ll slip it into its designated slot and promptly forget about it. By immediately separating it out from its spendable friends (the blues, the reds, and the big browns), I’m far less tempted to use it – in fact, I just completely forget that these green bits of paper are spendable at all. The habit is so ingrained in my mind now that sometimes – to the annoyance of the cashier who’s been forced into accepting my credit card – I’ll peek into my purse and be like NAWP GOT NO CASH SORRY!

(I’ve now learnt to hide my purse when I’m pretending to fish around for cash so the cashier doesn’t see my wad of greens.)

Back to this month’s stash, which I have obviously photographed mid-flight. I surreptitiously tried to fan out the notes for a quick picture before any of the other passengers or crew noticed; luckily I scored a full empty row on this otherwise packed flight. I’m hoping the lady sitting across the aisle didn’t notice either. What if she thinks this is stripper money. Oh well.

I got four 50s and seventeen 5s which brings the grand total for the month of April to.. $200 + $85 = $285! Best (or worst?) month so far, beating my February catch of $250 🙂

How did you do? AM I WINNING THIS GAME?!




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