Quick check-in to say hello! The intermission I imposed a couple of weeks ago is still sort of effective… I guess. I know I achieved an abnormally high rate of posting for the first few months of the year but my unplugged 9-5 and after-5 life has been on overdrive lately and I don’t think it’s going to taper out anytime soon. Ramadhan will also dawn upon us in the next week (insyallah), so everyone’s rushing to get a million things done before office productivity switches to sleep mode for thirty days. As usual, I’m both excited and apprehensive. Even for people who aren’t particularly devout, Ramadhan is always a quieter, more mindful month and the change of pace is a welcome respite from the usual pressures of a frenetic, worldly life.

Anywho! I’m not intending to go on a full hiatus cuz I know you’ll miss me too much AHAK, I’ll just slow it down to one post every week-ish (although I am aware I only wrote in three times last month, jgntah kan bekira nah)Additionally, I’ve created a new little widget on the top of the sidebar (desktop view; if you’re on mobile view it’s all the way at the bottom of the page, unfortunately) which we’ll call ~nanonotes~ for quick little bite-sized notes in between all of my regular posts. So it’s essentially fake twitter, haha. Cos sometimes I wanna be like ! myn’s money hack of the day !! you get a dollar off your coffee if you bring your own travel mug to Piccolo Cafe! (Yea, seriously. And no, not just KeepCups, any mug/cup. Well I’ve never tried it with a regular mug pulang, I bring my own travel mug and it comes with a lid so if it rains on the way back to the office my coffee is safe. Priorities guys.)

I’ve also noticed one of the more popular notes is this one that compares savings accounts in Brunei (which is totally understandable cos everyone and their mother is looking to move away from HSBC who is really bulldozing their way through this wind-down process). If there’s anything specific you’d like to see a post on, do let me know in the comments below – I genuinely could use some suggestions! I do have a lot of half-baked ideas floating about in my head but my topic-selection process depends entirely on my mood, so you could definitely nudge me in a specific direction if you wanted to 🙂 If you’re super shy don’t worryyou won’t need to provide any of your details (except a copy of your IC) to leave a comment.

At any rate, the next time you’ll hear from me will probably be on the 5th for the 5th 5 and 50 catch of the year. I know you’re still curious, we’re all voyeuristic about other people’s finances, aren’t we?

Lets not pretend.

Until then, bye!



(I count at least three words of the day, what about you? Here: Dictionary.com to make your life easier =P)

(Alternatively, did you know that typing “define: ANY WORD” into your search bar will give you a quick answer? Myn’s productivity hack of the DAY!

See. Who said that blogs couldn’t teach you things. Snort. Nobody.)


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