Eat Budget (Week 26) Tail-end of Ramadhan

Smack bang, halfway through 2016 – how do you think I fared with my first $100 food & drink weekly budget?

Image: NibbleDish
Type Amount Remarks
Breakfast $2.40 I wasn’t fasting haha
Lunch $3 (See above)
Dinner $53 One trip to Gerai Ramadhan and three sahurs out
Coffee $9.50 Two post-sungkai coffees
Teatime $0.50 I bought the last ham chi peng (Chinese cinnamon bun/donut thing) from the Hua Ho bakery to eat after sungkai, YUMMY
TOTAL $68.40 Yay!

This budget might be a lot harder to stick to after Ramadhan; I’m a serial muncher and I literally eat my way through the day especially when I’m at the office. I buy coffee, get breakfast, go out for lunch, snack on red bean paus from Mei Kong, and if I’m really peckish I’ll wander to the nearest cube store to see what else I can nibble on. The pitfalls of working in Bandar Seri Begawan!

The rest of my spending is spiking up as expected this close to the festive season. I’ve started filling up little green packets for my tiny army of baby fruit (nieces & nephews) and that sort of usual stuff. I have two more baju to pick up but they’re very basic and unadorned (since they’ll get downgraded for work eventually) so we’re only talking the standard market price of $50 apiece. All in all, while I’m still trying to keep to my usual monthly lump sum budget, I don’t mind being a little bit more flexible this month. It’s not wise to go crazy and break the bank in the name of celebration (so please don’t), but it’s not worth being a complete scrooge either.

You probably already know the usual raya advice: drive safe, spend wisely, don’t drink too much carbonated drinks, keep hydrated (water), careful not to binge on sweets, etc.

Don’t waste food please! When you’re at an open house or any sort of buffet, don’t overfill your plate and then feed the garbage after. Take less than you think you’ll want and then go back for seconds if you need a top-up. Don’t hoard food; if inda ampit when you go back, it wasn’t your rezeki to begin with anyway, amairait. It’s the universe’s way of telling you to stop eating you big fattie.

Oh and don’t listen to those radio ads; you don’t need to buy a new car “for raya” – what complete nonsense. Talk about making up excuses for a frivolous purchaseIt won’t match your baju anyway.

Ya, ya – I may be super Auntie in my mid-twenties okay but hey, BBC’s reported a rising trend of young fogies so get with the times!

Only a little bit of Ramadhan left to go so selamat berpuasa and all the best with your raya prep 🙂 I’ll catch you sometime next week because HEY-HO five day HAAALLLLELLU-DAY!



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