Five & Fifties: June’s Catch & H1 Round-up

It’s the 5th today, and I’m finally on time!

FullSizeRender (1)
messy stash on drab grey background

The month of June pulled in seventeen fivers worth $85 and three fiddies worth $150, bringing last month’s grand total to $235 🙂

Let’s do a mid-year review and see how the first half of the year has fared so far:


FIVES ($5) FIFTIES ($50) Total


Pieces Value Pieces



$50 1





$150 3




16 $50 1




17 $200 4




14 $100 2




17 $150 3


TOTAL $450 90 $700 14


Woohoo! Das no small change nop nop.

If you were around when I first started talking about the Fives & Fifties game at the start of the year, I had the data from tracking my progress in the second half of 2015. Let’s compare:

H2 2015

I had said in that note that I’d anticipated a savings stash of around ~$2000 per year from playing the game if we just assume and extrapolate an average of $1000 per six months. And it looks like my estimation panned out quite well; for the first half of 2016 I’ve managed to rake in a grand total of $1150 =B

If you’re only playing with Fives, have you accumulated something close to the $450 I’ve been lucky enough to snag since the year started?


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