Eat Budget (Week 30)

WEEK 30… 25-31 July

Type Amount Remarks
Breakfast $4.60 Three egg sandwiches from Babu’s Kitchen (it’s not the mashed egg + mayo combo; it’s a fat omelette folded into white bread – yum!) and a roti kuning kawin.
Lunch $41.70 Lunch out every day of the work week, as per usual habits.
Dinner $21.80 One lamb shawarma from Amsarra. Dinner at High Frequency.
Coffee $11.95 Three cups
Dessert $6.50 Slice of cake from Kapra – mahal jua ah

Eat Budget is getting a bit more realistic now that we’re at the tail end of Raya and there are no more open houses feeding me free food. I’m still going to try hard to stick to my $100 weekly budget though, especially now that I have a major (unexpected, but not fully necessary) expense coming up very soon, which will be coming out of my short-term savings Pocket… and will very likely (erm, or almost definitely) jeopardize my target to spend less than I did overall this year compared to last.

No it’s not a shotgun wedding.

Stop asking.


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