Fives & Fifties: July’s Catch

Hope you guys have had a great weekend! Yes, I know I’m late – I’m in the departure gate at Changi now waiting for my flight back home. (I’ll be due to arrive home around midnight and I have to be in the office tomorrow morning zzz but it’s okay, I’ve had a very chilled out Sunday so I’m well rested.)



I don’t really want to count this out in public, but as you can see that’s a PRETTY THICK STASH! I sort of expected it though; there are a lot more five dollar notes circulating post-raya green packet celebrations. And they’re always so nice and crisp and smell like minty fresh new money.

Ok changed my mind, I very stealthily counted the pile without pulling it out of my wallet and we’re talking *thirty nine* small fish and three big fish. That’s… $195 + $150 = $345!!

Wotta whopper. Ok ya since I’m typing this on my phone I can’t do my usual bold, italics, multicoloured fonts thing I normally like to do to blind you.

Alright, talk to you later – wish me a safe flight 🙂


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