Eat Budget (Weeks 31 & 32)

WEEK 31… 1 – 7 August

Type Amount Remarks
Breakfast $7.40 Work breakfasts from the usual haunts
Lunch $59.20 Most expensive work lunch was at High Frequency, and then I had lunch in Singapore on Saturday.
Dinner $56 Um yeah I was in Singapore and had a nice dinner out with friends :B
Coffee $12.70 Maintaining my three cups a week, not bad
Drinks $1.80 Overpriced bottle of water from Tangs on Orchard Road because I got thirsty
Dessert $6.95 Froyo from Llaollao, really yummy froyo stall in SIN
Teatime $4 Bought some buns from Lof during the weekday
TOTAL $148.05 I would’ve made the budget had it not been for my weekend trip, so I guess I’m not too disappointed. My “regular” dining out (sans Singapore) was like $84.30 so that’s okay.

WEEK 32… 8 – 14 August

Type Amount Remarks
Breakfast $12.20 I went to Rang Mahal and Iskandar’s curry house over the weekend.
Lunch $14 Record low! Mainly because I was out of office at training for three days during the week, and lunch (and breakfast and tea) was provided 🙂
Dinner $7 Amsarra lamb meshwi shawarma
Coffee $11 Two flat whites from Gloria Jeans
Dessert $7.50 Mochi Froyo and a tart thingy from Amsarra
Teatime $11.90 Got peckish and had pasta at Ximply Chriz before dinner
TOTAL $63.60 I spent a lot outside of office hours but still made the budget because I had three days of free food during training.


Been busy, have you missed me?


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