A word or three

Hey guys 🙂

I’m doing well, in case anyone’s wondering. I obviously have not kept to my word but my reasons are perhaps more than just sheer laziness and a lack of enthusiasm for blogging. In actuality, I’ve accumulated a lot of experience (personal finance, life in general) in my disappearance which I would absolutely love to share on this blog. And I do intend to… But not quite yet.

The reason for this is because I’m going through a significant transitory phase in my life right now. Not trying to be dramatic, it’s just something that I can’t quite share at this moment on such a public space:
I’m resigning from my day job.
I’m preparing to move abroad.
I’m moving jobs.
I’m buying a car.
I’m moving house.
I’m buying a house.
I’m getting married.
I’m starting up my own business.
I’m writing a book.

… Well okay that would be pretty dramatic if it were all true lol.

So no, that’s not all happening.

But at least one of them is happening.

And no matter which one (or which ones) are true, what’s certain is that this transition will be a defining period in my life; it’s been hectic, it’s been kind of crazy, and at times it’s been overwhelming — but in a good way.

It’s quite humbling because everything I’ve ever shared on this space – all the material, notes, life lessons – started off initially as just a hobby/side interest and I hadn’t realized how well it would equip me to deal with this big life change. I suppose that’s always been the intention of myn’s desk; my notes will always be up here to read and share (if you wish to), and I feel like they continue to be just as relevant as when they were first written.

Don’t worry – this isn’t goodbye! This is a “we’ll see, for now” haha.

I’ve definitely been just as active with my personal finance life; the planning and prioritizing and making sure my money stretches as wide as I need it to. But it’s certainly evolved; I’ve broken up with Wally (sadness) but we could get back together in the future. Right now detailed expenses tracking isn’t the priority, and the good thing is that all those months and years spent tracking my expenses allowed me to understand my habits better. I probably still spend roughly the same amount on food and drink every month; maybe even less because I don’t drink coffee every day anymore 😀

So yes, there have been changes, things have evolved… And well like I said, this is a transition towards a much bigger, systemic change. At the risk of being cliched, that’s life amairait and you just have to learn as you go along and make sure to use the tools you pick up along the way to carve out brighter futures.


BAH BAI maybe I’ll see you in a bit (maybe not, I’m not sure) but I’ll be back eventually


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