in the mean time there’s instagram

I know this is a real cop-out but I sort of micro-blog (in Instagram stories and pictures lol) on @yazmynz so do check that out if you’re interested.

I started up that account because I wanted to post all my home-related and joint-union i.e. being-married-related things on a separate account, which I decided to leave public. It’s been about three months since we moved into our first home together, and our space is coming together so nicely. Work has been really busy still (with me having to disappear on business trips over the weekdays only to come back to a mountain of dirty laundry). We don’t have domestic help so we do all the household chores ourselves. I’m excited about having our own kitchen (we very recently finally acquired an oven – which honestly was such a critical missing piece) and now I’m iski about cooking and re-learning how to cook again.

So in that sense I’ve yet to find time to sit down and write, but our home is shaping up to be such a cosy, private retreat that I’m looking forward to the day I can actually get down to it. The initial stages of marriage and moving into our first home was stressful and I was constantly trying to stay on top of work, chores, and all of that… And as the house was barely furnished, we had to put together most of it ourselves. Nevertheless, the dust is beginning to settle and the house is growing into a practical, functional, and pretty efficient space (that still looks good!). I intend to post before and after pictures, and even details about where I got certain things and general “if you’re gonna invest in some stuff for your home, what would I recommend” things. I’m so pleased because a lot of things we got for our home are “expensive” (to some people) but honestly are good investments (in a value for money perspective) in my eyes. I find too many people cheap out on things like beds and sofas… But y’know you see and use those things everyday! And it’s not just personal use, it’s used by your family, your guests, etc. Unless you switch up your furnishings every year, these expenses are generally a one-time purchase. Anyway I’m getting ahead of myself. But yes, we splurged on some items but for other items… Well let me just say Daiso is brilliant hehe.

If you’re interested – don’t say I didn’t tell you where to find me!

When I created this blog it was to write about adult stuff (and that’s still the tagline). While finances (and wedding planning – no, I didn’t forget!) is a big part of that, furnishing and building a home is another and… Well that’s what I’m busy with right now :B


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