Hello, welcome to my desk!

Here you’ll find my indispensable notes on everything you need to know about growing up and acting serious. I mainly write about personal finance (for now) and the basics of managing your own money, but I also occasionally dissect the news and explore the general ins-and-outs of Brunei, and the implications of ~current affairs~ on regular folk like you and me  🙂

But you’ll also find material on general planning & organization, career, work life, and on a lucky day, perhaps some notes on home décor and design, decluttering, tips on travel, and maybe even pets and animal care (I have a rabbit and a guinea pig and sometimes think I love animals more than people).

Myn’s desk is a collection of no-brainer notes about grown-up stuff; the main message here is you don’t need to be a genius to understand the basics of grownupness. Far too often, these subjects are written in extremely technical, “academic” jargon and are unnecessarily complicated, which is a real shame.

So let’s strip it down and stop brushing it off, chuckling to ourselves and blaming ignorance on a millenial’s quarter-life crisis (“maybe next year”, “when I’m married”, “when I hit thirty”, “am i really an adult?”) – how about let’s start figuring this out right now.

And these nag notes are directed at myself first and foremost because I certainly haven’t figured it all out yet either. After all, this is a desk, not a manual or a lecture hall, and these are my notes – maybe they’re wrong, maybe they’re right, but they’re a part of the learning process. Drag a chair over and join the conversation!

Wherever possible, I’ll try my best to provide links and directions to further reading  – my desk is small, so think of this as a place to get started. Please use my notes as a spring-board into whatever piques your interest and learning.

I hope you find something useful 🙂



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