Happy new year and all that!

I’m going to be honest with you guys – I’ve completely dropped the ball, fallen off the horse, ground to a halt.


2016 was quite a difficult year for me personally.

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I’ve been in the middle of a stress sandwich guys – to put things into perspective, I got back from my US trip six weeks ago and this last month and a half work (and life) have been on overdrive. So many things to contend with I haven’t watched half the videos on my YouTube subscribe list and that’s a big deal for me. But I do say this on a positive note – life has been very good, alhamdulillah, so this busy-ness hasn’t gotten me down. Oh – and I’m catching a flight in three hours so… There I go for another two weeks. This wasn’t last minute; I’d alluded to this November trip in previous conversations.

But man, I’ve been so preoccupied that I’ve done practically zero preparation for this trip. I literally threw things into my suitcase yesterday and the plan so far is to wing half of it (probably).

Liat lah.

Just popping in to say hi, to say hope you’ve been well, to say I will definitely be back with more writing hopefully in December (should be a more relaxed month at work and I’m not taking any more holidays).

Stay safe! 🙂


…How much did my East Coast escape cost?


Talk about suspense huh.

I’m trying to avoid falling into the trap of blogger’s guilt because I feel like nowadays everyone’s blog starts with the usual  “sorry for the delay, i’ve been so tied up!” apology. So I guess that’s my way of saying sorry without actually saying sorry.

Because – like with work e-mails – you know nobody really means it when they say sorry so what’s the damn point amairait.

Anyway, this specific post has been sitting in my drafts for at least two weeks. I actually did my calculations a few days after I got back, but it did actually get quite hectic for me so I never got round to finishing it up. Better late than never, here we go:

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