Note 4 out of 5 on how I’m still dormant

We had a good friendship going on guys so the way I continue to leave you hanging does induce a level of guilt to brew within my little ol’ heart.

I am compelled to give you an update so you don’t abandon me and forsake my desk entirely. Although I do realize it’s been a year — A YEAR — since I was a keyboard-smashing ultrablogger who was churning out three lengthy posts a month on average.

I’m excited though, guys. I’m excited because I am making a comeback, and I’m definitely not just saying that for the sake of it.

I got LOTS to talk about. And I don’t just want to talk about stuff to keep you guys around (whoever you ghostly followers are. I mean I don’t even know if any of you really exist – maybe I’m just delusional). I want to get back into note-making mode because a lot of the things I wanna tawk about are things I want documented and written out properly, to add some method to the madness. It’s good for me, and I have an inkling it’ll be good for you too. (Kali lah ah).

I’ve been busy. Busy busy busy. Work is one thing, but everyone is “always” “busy” with “work” so that’s not what I’m referring to. I’ve been busy with new stuff as I’ve already alluded to in Notes 1 to 3 of how I’m not back to blogging yet.

I gave you a potential list.

Did you figure it out yet? Come on.


Well I’ll tell you one thing – more than one item on that list is true.

And one item that is true is…



I bought a car, yo.




After all that “DON’T BE STEWPID AND BUY A CAR JUS COS YOU GOT A JOB AND WANNABE FANSY, is gunna eat up your muneyz real gewd”?!

Yea I bought a car. I’ll tell you abourit next time.

And also… Since Brunei Times shut down so suddenly last year, ALL MY NEWS REEL LINKS ARE BROKEN and a bunch of images I foolishly direct-linked are now ded. THANKS MAN now half my blog is redundant -__-

It’s okay. Let’s not cry over spilled milk.

There will be a new dawn for Myn’s Desk. I’ve missed you (I’m talking to my blog, not you) and I sort of can’t wait to start writing again. And no I’m not coming back as a fashion blogger. I pay a lot of money to stay basic (..uniqlo..) and that hasn’t really changed. Myn’s Closet will have to wait.

So if you’re wondering – yes I will still be writing from a predominantly finance and planning angle. Boring is the new black, haven’t you heard? All in due time!

(But y’know if you have anything to say or ask in the meantime, you could totally still comment. I’ll be cool and reply.)


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