Eat Budget (Weeks 28 & 29) … and a quick blog

Here’s a double whammy because I’ve been off the grid for the last two weeks:

WEEK 28 … 11-17 July

Type Amount Remarks
Breakfast $15.50 Three work breakfasts and a Sunday brunch with momma
Lunch $46.20 Four meals. Most expensive was $17.20 at Kaizen, cheapest was $8.30 at MyTown
Dinner $24.70 I sort of kept buying shawarma from Amsarra… And a couple of things from Pan & Wok.
Coffee $16.95 Four cups
Drinks $0.50 Bottle of water
Dessert $10 A slice of cake and two macarons
Teatime $7.20 Ricebowl
TOTAL $121.05 Fail.

Did not do great in Week 28 but…


WEEK 29 … 18-24 July

Type Amount Remarks
Breakfast $5.20 Two work breakfasts
Lunch $27.80 Half what I spent last week, yay! Three lunches instead of the usual 4-5 because we had an open office this week, but I did spend less per meal compared to last week anyway.
Dinner $5 Another lamb shawarma from Amsarra. It’s a phase.
Coffee $7.80 Two cups only! Mehehe
Fast food $6.50 Jollibee. The C4 or something, you know what I’m talking about – spaghetti and chicken. It’s my emergency post-work hunger pang fix.

Quick blog story-time: I have pretty sensitive skin that’s quite prone to flare-ups and general crap complexion but I did notice that my skin cleared up quite significantly over Ramadhan and didn’t cause me as much distress as it usually does. I suspect it’s  this new skincare I’ve been using and possibly the fact that I didn’t drink as much coffee (with milk; my go-to is a flat white) over the month. So now I conveniently have another motivating reason to try to cut down on the $5 milk and coffee addiction. And progress so far is good. I used to average one cup a day but as you can tell from the table above, I only had two cups of coffee last week. (Ok fine, I only paid for two. I had at least one or two cups of black coffee that I’d made in the office pantry but at least I didn’t add milk.) I honestly don’t know if milk really is the culprit, but so far my skin’s been faring pretty well and it’s not hurting me to cut down on the dairy. I’m not trying to eliminate dairy completely pfft I could never do that, but I am trying to cut it down somewhat. Teabags are going to be my new best friend guys, just you wait.

Oh and… You know I said a couple of posts ago that my target for this year is to spend less overall than I did last year.

Really don’t think that’s going to happen, guys. 

I’ll tell you why next time.


We’ll see.


I haven’t written a long Muney story or info-sheet type note in a while. I dunno, haven’t been feeling it lately. Maybe I’m all personal financed out, haha. I still have my arsenal of half-baked ideas floating about in my head: kinda could write about my car, how much I’ve spent on it since I inherited it, the stuff I’m getting replaced within the next month (shock absorbers and things like that), whether I flirt with the idea of getting my own brand new car, and if I did get one – which one? I kinda also could write about net worth, what that means, how to calculate it (it’s super easy, it’s just the term that sounds scary and technical), why it’s important to know what your net worth number is (yes i know mine and i’ve been tracking it for about a year and a half now). Or I could do a “101” style info sheet and comparison on personal loans and financing. I could even spin a discussion on how many percent of your salary you should aim to save a month – 10%? 20%? 30%? Or even something as basic as how do you start saving? (aside from playing the Fives and Fifties game which you should know by now). I dunno. We’ll see.

Chances are though, my next post will be something a little different. Maybe I’ll introduce you to my pet guinea pig and rabbits. Maybe I’ll type up a list of vets available in Brunei, their addresses and phone numbers and general comments for if I’ve used one. Hmm that sounds fairly easy and straightforward. If I’m feeling lazy maybe I’ll do that this weekend.


I dunno.

We’ll see.


Eat Budget (Week 27)

This is my quick weekly update on my $100 food and drink budget because I said I’d commit to being accountable haha.

Image: franceska

I literally only spent $17 on sungkai on the last day of Ramadhan, took a nice long FREE FOOD FEST! raya break before picking up a $5.50 iced chai latte on my way home last night. (From It’s A Grind, 2/10, do not recommend. It’s sweet, syrup-based and milked up and I don’t know why I thought… it… wouldn’t… be. SIGH, naive. This was a feeble attempt at avoiding pre-bedtime caffeine but regrets were undoubtedly made.)

Still – we’re standing at a grand total of $22.80 for week 27 which is the record to beat!

(Who am I kidding, there’s no way I’m ever going to beat that PR unless I walk around my office asking for lunch donations. And that’s an exercise in futility if there ever was one; hell will freeze over before my colleagues buy me lunch for a week. I clearly need new workmates.)

Week 28 just started, and it’s the first week back at work (and back to my normal eating habits). I can already tell you that it’s not looking good…. Because… I already spent $28.35 and… it’s only Monday….. . . . .


Five & Fifties: June’s Catch & H1 Round-up

It’s the 5th today, and I’m finally on time!

FullSizeRender (1)
messy stash on drab grey background

The month of June pulled in seventeen fivers worth $85 and three fiddies worth $150, bringing last month’s grand total to $235 🙂

Let’s do a mid-year review and see how the first half of the year has fared so far:


FIVES ($5) FIFTIES ($50) Total


Pieces Value Pieces



$50 1





$150 3




16 $50 1




17 $200 4




14 $100 2




17 $150 3


TOTAL $450 90 $700 14


Woohoo! Das no small change nop nop.

If you were around when I first started talking about the Fives & Fifties game at the start of the year, I had the data from tracking my progress in the second half of 2015. Let’s compare:

H2 2015

I had said in that note that I’d anticipated a savings stash of around ~$2000 per year from playing the game if we just assume and extrapolate an average of $1000 per six months. And it looks like my estimation panned out quite well; for the first half of 2016 I’ve managed to rake in a grand total of $1150 =B

If you’re only playing with Fives, have you accumulated something close to the $450 I’ve been lucky enough to snag since the year started?